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We provide a complete Managed Document Solution on Copy, Print, Fax and Scan that can be essential to....

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We provide a complete Managed Document Solution on Copy, Print, Fax and Scan that can be essential to your success in the new economy policies thereby helping you to attain Business Efficiency, reduce overheads on consumables and accounting. Business Efficiency Through our experience with printers and photocopiers, we can recommend and supply you with best printing devices that can adjust to your needs, i.e. in terms of speed, availability, reliability, scalability, data security and also cost effective in terms of maintenance. We have a team of Experts to provide full support to your printing by constantly managing and monitoring your printing devices and ensure that all end users are equipped with all printing facilities and skills for every new printer technology on market. Our team also offers you the ideal cost effective solutions ranging from centralized environment to desktop level. Finally enabling end-users to print on-demand, print at the point of need, and print at the highest quality. Reduce overheads on consumables. With our experience in the field, we are able to detect, recommend and supply genuine consumables of all brands of printers and photocopiers that are cost effective and produce satisfactory output. Many times customers buy counterfeit consumable products out of ignorance cheaply in the name of saving yet in actual sense they don’t get the expected results from those consumables. In the end the customers incur high repair and maintenance costs when their printing devices break down. Therefore if you seek our advice, you will be in position to reduce over heads on consumables. Accounting Since every company is after making profits, a proper accountability is paramount therefore we can help you have a proper accountability in the printing section by providing latest printing devices and print monitoring software that can track and record every end user’s amount of work printed. This can help company Administrators to plan well for the company and avoid unnecessary losses.

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